Water Management San Diego: Irrigation and Backflow

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Our services are customized based on individual needs, whether it's for maintenance, installation or renovating an existing landscape. We have staff that is certified in using state of the art technologies, designs and digital monitoring that is specialized to our region and soil conditions, saving you water and money. This precision makes your life easier and increases the value of your property.

Watersedge-Landscape-Installation-15We can provide you with water management plans ranging from the most complex central systems to standalone smart controllers that keep landscapes flourishing while complying with local regulations on water usage and run-off while reducing water costs. We have Certified Irrigator Technicians on staff, as well as highly trained experts in the broadest range of indigenous and drought-resistant plants who know how to achieve a more harmonious environment that conserves water while preserving the beauty of the landscape. Our team helps you identify your immediate needs and solutions to minimize long term concerns.


Our programs first look at early preventative maintenance to ensure fewer problems down the road. With regular monitoring, supervision and care, we are able to provide a high return on investment for homeowners, commercial property owners/ managers or HOAs.


  • Water Management Programs to Reduce Water Usage
  • Water Saving Irrigation System Upgrades, Retro-Fits and Repairs
  • Monthly Water Usage Meter Readings
  • Irrigation Drip System Installation, Retro-Fits and Repair
  • Irrigation System Performance Evaluations and Water Auditing
  • Installation of Water Saving "Smart" Irrigation Controllers
  • Consulting on Landscape Water Saving Rebate Programs
  • System Station Mapping

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Water conservation starts with an understanding of your current irrigation system and your water usage history. By utilizing the latest technologies available, we can help you design a more effective and efficient irrigation system that will provide you with the proper usage needed and save you water. Ongoing valve and sprinkler head checks are performed as part of our landscape maintenance programs along with ensuring that the current plant material is appropriately placed and trimmed to maximize water usage.

Services Include:

  • Design and Installation of new and retrofit irrigation systems
  • Common Irrigation Repairs
  • Broken Sprinkler Heads and PVC pipe
  • Malfunctioning Control Valves
  • Locating and Repairing System Leaks
  • Wiring and Electrical Problems
  • Updating and Retrofitting Irrigation Systems
  • Locating Valves
  • Repairing and Upgrading Controllers
  • Backflow Testing and Repair

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Backflow Testing & Repair

We provide professional service for testing, certification, preventative maintenance, repairs if needed, and compliance reporting to the appropriate municipality. We will also work with you to schedule procedures during non-critical times for facilities with water-essential operations. Our technicians are certified to perform testing and they receive ongoing training to remain current with all regulations and specifications of the backflow industry.

We offer emergency response for any leaks, theft, or vandalism and can recommend and install theft/security prevention for the backflow device. A discount is available for multiple devices at the same site.

Call now and a testing and maintenance program can be scheduled today to keep your backflow devices in compliance.

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