Landscape maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping any property looking its best. However, many people underestimate the time and effort needed to properly maintain their outdoor spaces. That's where professional landscape maintenance services come in.

At Watersedge Landscaping, we offer custom landscape maintenance services for homes, businesses, HOAs, and golf courses in San Diego County, CA. Our experienced professionals understand the unique needs of each type of property and work tirelessly to keep your landscapes healthy and beautiful.

But why exactly is professional landscape maintenance so important?

  • Saves Time: Maintaining a landscape can be a time-consuming task. By hiring professionals, you can focus on other tasks and still enjoy a well-maintained outdoor space.
  • Enhances Curb Appeal: A well-maintained landscape not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also adds value to your property. This is especially important for commercial and HOA clients who want to make a good first impression on potential customers or residents.
  • Promotes Plant Health: Our team at Watersedge Landscaping has the expertise to identify and address any issues that may be affecting the health of your plants. Regular maintenance can prevent diseases and pests from damaging your landscape, saving you money in the long run.
  • Improves Sustainability: Proper landscape maintenance includes practices such as mulching, composting, and water conservation, which can help make your property more environmentally friendly.

At Watersedge Landscaping, we are committed to providing top-quality services. Discover more about us below, and contact us for a quote today.


Our team members have many years of experience and highly developed skills in the industry. Whether you want a look that’s lush and tropical or drought tolerant and water-wise, we can work with any style of landscaping. We take great pride in our knowledge of the local climate, soils and plant materials, and we will utilize our extensive experience to create a wonderful and durable landscape customized to fit your lifestyle.