Watersedge Landscape takes pride in providing your property with a great Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. We take a proactive approach to caring for your landscape pest control needs and believe in controlling pests before they become a problem. Landscape pest control can be a real challenge as there is really no way to put of walls or fence around landscape to keep pest and rodents away. We at Watersedge believe there are many solutions to landscape pest control besides just spraying with chemicals.  

IPM programs includes the use of many different types of strategies to control and or eliminate pest in the landscape. We take pride and except the challenge to come up with a solution for you.  

We are certified and trained to treat anything from rose bushes to 100 year or specimen trees in your landscape. With our certified pest control applicators and years of education and experience there really is nothing that we can’t handle together.  

Weather you require a one time treatment or ongoing service we would love to work with you.  


Here are some of the pests we can control in your landscape:

  • Aphids or mildew in roses  
  • Trips or whitefly in Myoporum hedge  
  • Root rot on Trees  
  • Anthracnose on Sycamores  
  • Rust in Lawns  
  • Fungus decease in ground cover or turf  
  • Voles in Pittosporum  
  • Grubs in turf  
  • Birds nest in overhangs  
  • Gophers in landscape  
  • Nematode on box wood hedge  
  • Caterpillars in bougainvillea  
  • Mites on Cypress  
  • Sooty mold on plants  
  • Trunk injection on large specimen trees