Backflow Repair Services in San Diego, CA

Backflow can occur in homes and businesses at any time, so you need to be prepared. A backflow preventer is the first step, and regular maintenance and testing are next. At Watersedge Landscape, we make sure your backflow preventer is always prepared to keep backflow out of your plumbing. Call us today for backflow test and repair services in San Diego, CA.

What We Do

Regular testing is important for backflow devices. Not only does testing ensure that the device is in working condition, but it also guarantees that the device is compliant with municipal codes and requirements. When we come to test your backflow device, we certify that your backflow meets all regulations for the industry.

Of course, if your backflow preventer isn’t up to code, we can perform necessary maintenance and repairs to keep your plumbing safe. We also provide emergency services for leaks or theft so that you don’t have to wait with a broken or stolen device. And to avoid the problem, we can recommend and install security to prevent theft.

We reach out to schedule our services so you don’t have to worry about it. And if you have a facility that uses water-essential operations, we will schedule procedures during the non-critical times so your operations can continue to run smoothly.

Who We Are

Whether you use a backflow device for your home plumbing or a large factory, we make sure that your device always works efficiently. With our maintenance and backflow repair services, you can feel confident that your water is safe.

We have provided backflow and landscape services in San Diego, CA, for 19 years. All of our technicians have experience and are certified to work on your backflow device. They also receive ongoing training so they are always prepared to help you with your backflow.

Call us today at 858.527.5548 to schedule backflow testing or repair services for your home or business.

A vehicle used by a team that offers backflow repairs in San Diego, CA